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VITRUM LED integrados en cristal

Vitrum, unlike traditional LED displays, is transparent. It has been developed for the end users that would like to maintain the visibility behind the LED display. Many stores and shops also want to show off inside their venues to demonstrate their products and attract new visitors. Surely Vitrum screens help them increase brand awareness and get passers by involved in a new shopping experience.

Vitrum is designed to be installed indoor behind glass façades or shop windows to create floating motion pictures. A larger vertical pixel pitch makes the screen transparent, a tighter horizontal pixel pitch gives the screen good enough definition for nice contents delivered to the audience. It is highly recommended to use black backround animations to leverage on the special technology and maximize its perfomance time after time. Vitrum is available in standard, medium and high brightness.

Vitrum is not for all locations but for those suitable locations, nothing compares to its final, spectacular and extra-ordinary visual effect.